Edmonton Scrap Car Removal and Towing Services

We Buy Cars That Still Work
Tow Cars For Scrap (We Pay Cash)
We Even Buy Damaged Vans, SUVs, or Cars
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Remove the danger

Scrap cars can be dangerous playthings in the yard. When you remove a junk car from your property you you help protect neighborhood kids and keep away vagrants. Who knows what might be sleeping in there at night.

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Remove the memories

Car accidents suck. They come with so many bad memories and financial stress. If your car is sitting broken down in your yard, remove it. You will feel better. We know not every scrap car comes with bad memories, but they most-often do come with stress.

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Replace With Cash

We’ll pay you. We collect money on the scrap metal and we give you the best rates in town. We run a towing company, for us to come get your scrap is easy for us meaning more money for you. It’s a win-win.

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Get Paid Now!

We will come tow your junk car as soon as possible (ASAP) and put the cash in your hands immediately.  We provide the best rates in town and we appreciate the business and make sure you know it.




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